About This Site and My Mission

My name is Jason Barnham (everyone calls me Jay) and I welcome you to my website. I’ve been passionate about guitars for many years – certainly over 30 years now. I loved the look of them way before I was able to afford to buy one.

Way back in 1984 my cousin had a guitar and amp set that he was selling for next to nothing. I bought that and started to learn. The guitar was a Les Paul copy, possibly a Hondo but I just can’t remember. However, the amp was a 1960s Watkins Dominator. The one with the V-Front and it’s turned out to be quite collectible and worth a bit of money now. The best bit is that although the guitar is long gone I still have that amplifier!

Here are my toys. Yes, I’ve got a little carried away. I suffer from serious GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome for those yet to be afflicted) that extends right out to effect pedals and amps too. You can never have too many guitars – right?

My guitar collection
my guitar collection

I’ve since added a Gretsch White Falcon, a Fender Paisley Telecaster and a 1957 Fender Musicmaster but haven’t done a big group shot with them all in yet.

I still love guitar and still feel the excitement I did when I first held my very own guitar. I always have one in my office and have them hanging in a few rooms in the house so one is never far away.

If you are thinking about taking up guitar, DO IT! It’s a great hobby and you can get started quite cheaply nowadays. There is so much more knowledge and good tuition out there compared with when I started. Added to that there are fantastic devices and programs that allow you to slow down pieces of music while still retaining the pitch, making it so much easier to work things out.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to use the contact form if you want to get in touch.